Terms and Conditions

1. Booking confirmation

Thank you for visiting www.greatlakestays.co.nz . By making a booking request for a property on the website you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and our privacy policy located under Contacts on the website.

If you make a booking request through the website, Great Lake Stays Ltd will contact you within one working day to advise confirmation or non-acceptance of the booking request.

Acceptance will be at Great Lake Stays sole discretion. Acceptance of a booking will give you a license to occupy the relevant property on the booked days only, and subject to full compliance with all terms and conditions.

Should Great Lake Stays not accept a booking request, Great Lake Stays will refund any accommodation costs, service fee and add-on costs. The money will leave Great Lake Stays immediately upon cancellation but can take up to 5 working days for your credit card provider / bank to return to your account depending on your chosen credit card / bank provider.

2. Booking Periods and Minimum Nights

A booking that includes 25 December must start on or before 24 December and end on or after 26 December.

A booking that includes any nights from 1 January through 2 January must be for a minimum of 3 consecutive nights.

A booking is for a minimum period of 2 consecutive nights. 1 night stays may be available upon request.

3. Persons on Booking and Maximum Persons

Bookings must not exceed the maximum number of guests specified on the property listing, regardless of the number of beds available at the property.

Should the booking request not be accepted due to the number of guests in the group exceeding the maximum allowed on the property and / or the time period, any monies collected from the proposed guest will be refunded less the non-refundable service fee inclusive of GST.

The booking is valid for the number of guests and group configuration as indicated on the booking request. Any changes to the booking to be agreed by Great Lake Stays, before the booking start date to ensure the booking remains valid.

4. Cancellations and booking changes

If the booking is cancelled or reduced nights requested by you more than 30 days before the start of the stay, we will refund any add-on fees that have been paid but the Service Fee shall be forfeited with no refund due and:

  • If you have not fully paid the accommodation costs, the amount paid in respect of accommodation costs is forfeit and no refund due;
  • If you have fully paid the accommodation costs, we will refund 70% of the accommodation costs with the remainder being forfeit and no refund due.

If the booking is cancelled by you 14 or less days before the start of the stay, we will refund any add-on fees paid but all accommodation fees and the Service Fee shall be forfeit and no refund due.

If you cancel the booking after the final payment due date, you remain liable for the balance of funds due for the booked stay period.

If you fail to pay any amount when due, Great Lake Stays may treat that failure as a cancellation by you of the booking.

Premature departure during a booking will not be eligible for any refunds.

The Service Fee is non-refundable under any circumstances once your Booking is confirmed.

Booking changes are by agreement only once your Booking is confirmed.

5. Person making the booking present for stay

You, as the person making the booking, must be present and onsite at the property throughout the stay, unless agreed in writing by the Great Lake Stays. If you do not stay at the property during the booking but your guests do, you will still be legally responsible for all your obligations under these Terms and Conditions and your guests’ compliance with them.

6. Rental Payment & Rates

For all guests, the option exists to pay a 30% up-front payment and the non-refundable service fee in our deferred payment option, with balance of the booking cost paid by credit card 30 days prior to the stay. The card used at the time of the booking request will be charged for further payments.

Rates for a Property are valid and applicable at the time of booking, regardless of whether they are subsequently changed. Additional rates may appear under the special conditions of a specific property, which will apply in addition to the nightly rental rate. Rate Specials are only valid at the time of booking and must be applied at time booking is made. Weekday specials refer to Sunday nights through Thursday nights.

For bookings over New Year’s Eve or during festivals, concerts and similar events, a bond up to $750 may be charged. This will be refunded after checkout subject to the holiday home being returned in an acceptable manner and the property being respected and used in accordance with our terms and conditions.

7. Key Collection and property access

Great Lake Stays will email, no later than 2 days before the start of your stay,

8. Check in and out time

Check in time: 3.00pm Check out time: 10.00am. This applies all year round.

Final confirmation of early check-ins and late checkouts will not be available until the day of the arrival or checkout depending on other bookings for the property.

Departures after 5.00pm will be charged a full night’s rental.

9. Cleaning and rubbish

The property must be left clean and tidy and in the same condition in which it was found. Otherwise, you will be charged for additional cleaning at the following rates (+GST):

  1. $40 per hour for standard cleaning, washing, laundering
  2. $55 for abnormal or unreasonable cleaning and odour removal
  3. $17.50 for rubbish and recycling removal exceeding 1 council bag (provided) and 1 recycle bin.
  4. If the selected property has cleaning included in the nightly rate, there will be a number of hours of cleaning included as per the Special Conditions on the specific property listing. Any cleaning beyond this time or any unreasonable cleaning and rubbish removal will be charged to you as an additional charge based on the additional time taken.
  5. Costs will be deducted from the credit card used to make the booking.

10. Linen

All bookings are required to use the supplied linen by Great Lake Stays .The linen package consists of bottom sheet, top sheet, pillowcase(s), bath towel(s), tea towel(s), bath mat(s), hand towel(s) and face cloth(s). If linen is ordered, the beds will be made up for your arrival and the linen will be removed from the beds after your departure. Do not sleep on the beds without sheets to avoid extra laundry charges. Beds will be prepared and you must sleep in between the sheets to avoid additional laundry charges

A linen service can be organised at a rate of $35 + GST per hour for a team member to change the beds and all linen. Hire linen cannot be washed onsite, resulting in newly laundered linen being available.

Should you use any of the owner’s personal linen the laundering costs also apply.

11. Additional Services and Charges

Additional charges (+GST) will be payable as follows:

  1. A service fee – the entire service fee is charged as part of the first payment and is non-refundable. The service fee is calculated as a percentage of the total booking amount charged for the transaction, excluding any extras/add-ons. Typically, the higher the reservation amount, the lower the percentage of service fee.
  2. No charge for each booking change.
  3. $25 for up to two pets, if a pet is taken onto the property and the house is pet friendly.
  4. Port-a-cot rental, where available, at a rate of $5 per day or maximum of $40 per week.
  5. High-chair rental, where available, at a rate of $5 per day or maximum of $25 per week.
  6. $12.50 if your credit card is declined when Great Lake Stays attempts to charge your credit card for the final payment. Failure to update your credit card details could also result in cancellation of your booking and forfeiture of any accommodation fees, additional or add-on fees, and service fees paid.
  7. $25 for lost keys, $25 each for lost / damaged Welcome Guide or Discover Pack
  8. $30 per hour 9 or part thereof) to organise third parties to rectify a situation or $45 per hour if holiday manager has to conduct remedial work themselves at the house to sort out issues arising from stay
  9. Missing linen at replacement cost.
  10. The cost of repair or replacement of damaged or missing items, plus and additional handling fee of 12.5% of the costs incurred.
  11. Debt collection and legal fees incurred in the collection of unpaid charges
  12. Interest on any overdue accounts at the variable interest rate of Westpac Bank from the due date of the invoice until payment is received.
  13. Costs will be deducted from the credit card used to make the booking.

12. Other Rules to ‘Respect the House’

In addition to anything else stated in these Terms and without limiting Great Lake Stay’s rights, a breach of the following rules could result in possible eviction from the property and/or up to $1,000 being charged per occurrence:

  1. Pitching of caravans or tents on the property without the written consent of Great Lake Stays.
  2. Parties, events, weddings, receptions, stag / hen festivities without the written consent of Great Lake Stays. Parties includes extra persons not authorised by Great Lake Stays.
  3. Excess people above the maximum, not authorised by Great Lake Stays in writing.
  4. Smoking on the property unless permitted by the property listing.
  5. Abuse, including verbal or physical, of Great Lake Stays team members,, the owner or its representatives or the neighbours.
  6. Undue nuisance or noise to neighbours or the local community.
  7. Use of illegal substances or conduct of illegal activities at the property
  8. Anything that could invalidate the insurance policy for the property.
  9. Moving or re-arranging furniture.
  10. Cutting keys or obtaining remote door controls for the property.
  11. Tampering with smoke alarms.
  12. Leaving a fireplace, oven, or any other cooking unattended.
  13. Booking on behalf of another person without intending to be at the property during the stay.
  14. Bringing a pet onsite when unauthorised, or inside the house if the house only allows pets outside.
  15. Should you be evicted from the property, all amounts paid will be forfeited and a Great Lake Stays team member may remain on-site at the property as you ready for departure.

14. Reporting a complaint

Should you have any issues during your stay, you should notify Great Lake Stays immediately on 021356549.

15. Unavailability

If the property becomes unavailable for any reason after the booking request is confirmed or the booking is frustrated, Great Lake Stays may move you into another property that can accommodate your booking. If this is not possible, Great Lake Stays will cancel the booking and:

  1. If the Property Owner or Great Lake Stays is responsible for the property becoming unavailable, refund the relevant accommodation, and additional or add-on fees paid (but not any service fees); or
  2. If the property has become unavailable for any other reason or the booking is frustrated, Great Lake Stays may, at its discretion, provide you with a credit for the relevant accommodation, and additional or add-on fees paid (but not any service fees).
  3. Neither Great Lake Stays nor the property owner will have any other liability or responsibility in connection with the unavailability of any property for any reason after booking.

16. Business Purposes

The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 does not apply if the property is used for business purposes.

17. Liability

Any use of amenities, such as kayaks, canoes, surf boards, bikes, spa pools, is entirely at your own risk and neither Great Lake Stays nor the property owner will be liable for any injury, loss or damage you or any other person may suffer.

You will advise Great Lake Stays before your departure of any loss or damage that has occurred at the property during your stay.

You will be responsible for the full costs, both direct and consequential, including time of Great Lake Stays and/or the owner and its representatives, of repairing or replacing any and all damage to the property and/or its contents, any lost income or other costs incurred by Great Lake Stays and /or the owner and its representatives.

Great Lake Stays , its agents, contractors or the property owner will be liable for any event beyond their reasonable control, or for any loss or damage you or any other person suffers during your stay, or for any damage to the property.

18. Prices and Payments

All prices displayed on this website are in New Zealand Dollars and may be changed at any time without notice. Great Lake Stays is a NZ owned company. Booking and payment for the accommodation must be made by a valid credit or debit card on www.greatlakestays.co.nz using Visa or Mastercard. For your security, Great Lake Stays does not hold your credit card details on file and therefore they must be entered at the time of each booking through www.greatlakestays.co.nz

19. Contract

Great Lake Stays acts as Agent for the accommodation owner. These Terms are for the benefit of, and are intended to be enforceable by, the Property owner under the Contracts (Privity) Act 1982.